body shapes

Body shapes

Narrower top, wider bottom

These women have narrow shoulders, average size of breasts, slim waist, and plump thighs, hips and buttocks. The first thing you need to consider and learn (if you have this body type), is to create a sense of balance. Here are the things that you should remember when choosing the right clothes: the best is to wear lighter colors on top, prints and proportional sexy necklines. Blouses wide neckline and dropped shoulders are an excellent choice because they make shoulders wider, thus creating a balance with the aforementioned sides. Wear dark colors on the lower body will benefit. Black, charcoal gray, midnight blue and other dark colors. The dark color has a slimming effect, so get on with creating balance and reduces your plump hips.

Try to wear lower waist and full pants. Optically smaller hips. A shaped skirt is another great choice. Never wear skirts celoupnuté would further highlighted the difference shoulders and hips. Do not choose your pants with pockets on the sides, attracted attention to where you do not want. Another bad choice is downloaded trousers above the ankles.

Wider bottom, narrower top

These ladies have a slimmer lower body larger upper portion. Again, it is necessary to constitute a sufficient balance between the different parts of the body - that is, reduce the top or bottom zoom. So pull attention to the bottom using bright colors, prints on my ass, folded and laminated harémovými skirts or pants. These tricks will add fullness to the lower body and will help you in creating balance. Short skirt is also OK, but beware of the length. Too short skirt makes the top even greater.

At the top, use the form T-shirts with a deeper neckline. Get rid of all horizontal stripes.

Tall and slim

Your bust is small, waist and hips are narrow, your arms and legs are long and slender. When buying clothes, you must ensure that it is sufficiently long for you. You can wear any style of pants, if you fit their length. Your tops should be slightly longer to compensate for the length of your legs. As for the skirt, avoid the use of mini skirts, which would give you legs even longer. Long skirts will suit you best. Use a flat and lower heels. I like that you will be the highest among his friends. Wear lighter and softer colors with textured fabrics. Add fullness. Avoid using dark colors and extremely tight clothing that will make you slimmer than you are. It is best to try to find a jacket with a large collar and large cuffs that are best suited for you.


You are small and short. The only thing you need is to focus on is you optically zoom. Wearing heels is one thing to consider. Long length, straight pants and leggings are best suited. It creates the necessary height and your bottom half is slimmer. Another thing, think of wearing black and white combination. So you can look taller.

As regards the samples, the vertical height of the printing added. Also consider small and delicate patterns. Avoid large patterns, because the body is further shortened.


If you have a full bust and belly, more shapely arms and legs, are you a round figure. For you need to create a line to achieve shapes and curves. Consider wearing clothes with patterns and prints. Slightly larger prints you will still look good. Avoid small print on the other hand, because you will be optically magnified.

The best idea is to wear black or white, that is just one single color. Dark colors will shrink. Vertical stripes create the correct line of your body. Avoid all horizontal patterns.

Wear necklines to shaped, slimmer bust. Pants and skirts wear a straight cut. Do not wear pants completely pzké, fungal or harem pants that you have added.

Right curves and narrow waist

Your natural curves are admirable and goblets of you sex appeal. Your bust, waist and legs are in perfect combination. Your figure will almost every woman envies. Can you afford almost everything. Try low necklines or V necklines on the back. You can afford a full dress waist accent. Do not wear loose shirts and baggy clothes, your figure is a shame to hide.

You will not be extended to suit many shirts and cropped hills, but that's only because you even more accentuated narrow waist. Pouzdrovitého wear skirts and pants cut you can afford and hip. Suitable are elastic fabrics, which show your curves. As for colors, solid colors would suit you better than prints. If you want to carry a print, choose the smaller. For your figure fits all accessories such as waist bands, sexy boots and other fashion accessories.